Community Choir Leader’s Training Course 2019

Community Choir Leader’s Training Course At The Song House / Teach na nAmrhán, Falcarragh, Co Donegal, Ireland 2019

Friday May 10th – 17th 2019

If you are interested in leading singing groups and choirs, or seeking to build your confidence in this area, this series of workshops will cover all the basics and much more.

Candy has been running community choir leadership trainings for 12 years. Many previous participants have gone on to make this their full time profession.

The Course

This course will give you skills for a wide variety of community settings: community choirs, working with the young, the elderly, in schools and more. It is a hands-on, practical course which includes philosophy, theory and lively discussion where appropriate. There are no entry requirements and you don’t need to be able to read music. However it will be most useful to people who have had experience in some areas of music: singing in choirs, but also teaching or other musical settings. All musical experience is helpful.

The course includes:

  • Philosophy and principles
  • Warm Ups
  • How to teach a song in parts
  • How to develop a song
  • Ways to improve the quality of the singing
  • Building dynamics of the group
  • Improvisation
  • How to support individuals
  • Teaching Practice

In past years this course has run over 3 months: 4 intensive training days with 3 week gaps between each session, for students to practice their skills. In 2016 we ran this course for the first time at the Song House, over 1 week, with great feedback from the students.

The training days will be spread out over the week. In between those days, students will be required to spend time putting newly acquired skills into practice, by teaching the choir formed by the student group. This enhances the value of the course, and quickly builds students’ confidence. In 2016, students found it invaluable to have those times to practice together, pooling expertise and ideas.

Cost: €680

If you want to come, and need a payment plan, please contact Candy direct at

In order to keep the price very accessible, the cost of this course covers teaching costs, self-serve breakfast and lunch, and accommodation in shared rooms. (Single room supplement available on request).

We will share evening meal food costs between us.

Students find that collaborating with food preparation and then eating together made a relaxing contrast to the intensity of the training.

Candy will be drawing on over 35 years’ experience of teaching in a wide range of settings:

  • Setting up and directing a set of five ‘Singing in the Round’ community choirs,
  • 7 years directing her performance choir Sounding It Out,
  • The Trowbridge Song Project. A 2 year Arts Council Funded multi-cultural community project
  • Singing on the Wild Side- week long singing holidays on islands around UK and Ireland over 12 years
  • Work in schools, Early Years, Steiner education, nursing homes and work in the corporate world.


You can travel to Falcarragh easily by public transport: click here for info.

Feedback from past students:

Students have come from all parts of UK, and Germany.

There are several short videos on my website from past participants:

The course met my expectations and more. I’ve learnt so much about song styles, harmony, communication, expression- but also on a personal level I feel like I’ve gone to a place within myself and got in touch with my true self. I’ve also made some brilliant friends.

Clara Atkins Trowbridge 2015 Trowbridge Song Project training course participant, now running her own community choirs in Wiltshire and Bath

The course far exceeded any expectation I could have had! Candy created such a safe, warm, creative environment to have a go teaching others to sing and it was so exciting to hear the results. Candy – you are inspirational! and warm, open, accommodating, supportive, nurturing, encouraging, yet also clear about what you think is important.

Josephine Bell, Thornbury 2014 course participant

Comprehensive, inspiring and joyous are just three of the words that come to mind when I think of Candy’s course. I came on this course to increase my musicality and musical skills – it’s given me that and so much more. Thank you

I set up a guinea pig choir of friends and neighbours to run sessions whilst on the course. My initial nervousness in doing this has been rewarded by the most extraordinary feedback from those attending, many of whom professed that they couldn’t sing at all. It has been a humbling experience that has given me much food for thought about how to continue to take things forward.

Carole Bond, Bath 2014 course participant

I offered a short session to colleagues at work and was amazed by the eruption of energy, enjoyment and laughter that happened and the transformation in the group dynamic
I am planning to run singing groups with people in recovery from mental ill health and drug/alcohol addiction
Excellent informative inspiring handouts and related to teaching sessions
incredible value course – intensive learning experience – loads of tips + practise + theory.
Very encouraging positive fun atmosphere
I would unreservedly recommend this course to anyone thinking of running a community choir. It has been a springboard of skill sharing and inspiration + new songs teach, ways to vary your teaching.
Candy has been extraordinarily generous with her knowledge of singing teaching.

Rae Levy, London 2014 course participant

I went away from the course confident that I had the grounding and understanding of how to direct my own choir and, indeed, have started a group, which is rapidly growing in number.  Without Candy’s training and encouragement, I could never have achieved this; I urge anyone, who is thinking about doing the same, to let Candy show them the way.  You’ll emerge from her course well-equipped to realise your dream.”

Tony Barby, Corsham 2012 course participant, now running his own choirs in Wiltshire

“I have gone from no experience to; teaching a group of six children, then a class of 30. Following this a performance in a school assembly with 90 children, then a weekly raise the roof 20 minute slot including 300 children. I didn’t think I would ever have the confidence or the opportunity to do what I am doing.”

Claire Corcorran, Trowbridge 2013 course participant

Candy Verney : :

Irish phone: +353 (0)85 889 3154

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