The Song House Podcast Episode 2 – Jenny O’Hare

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Jenny O’Hare

In this podcast, Sinéad talks with Jenny O’Hare – a deep ecologist, writer and facilitator.

Jenny is a true steward of the earth and her work and overall way with life reflects this very strongly. In this podcast Jenny talks about poetry, permaculture, presence and how to cultivate a deep and right loving relationship with our world. Jenny also covers the importance of and lessons from indigenous culture and practices and how these can support the right relationship between our bountiful earth home, ourselves and each other.

Check out Jennys website
More info on some of her work with partner communities  –

Info on the upcoming online Beltaine Ceremony she is leading at The Song House on April 30th –

The Song House Podcast Episode 1 – Candy Verney

Show Notes

Candy Verney’s passion is to inspire and create, through singing, a sense of harmony which gives an experience beyond the ordinary.

The Song House Ireland is a creative retreat centre, situated in the heart of the stunning north west Donegal landscape and Gaeltacht region. The Song House (or Teach na nAmhrán in Irish) is a place driven by the values that foster reconnection to ourselves, rekindling a sense of belonging to our true inner & outer home and our place on Mother Earth.

Walking in Donegal with Seamus Doohan

Walking in Donegal with Seamus Doohan

Over the next few months we are going to write a series of blogs describing the wealth of culture, history and things to do in this area of Donegal. We’re starting with Walking Donegal with Seamus Doohan

Seamus Doohan has lived in this area all his life and has become passionately interested in the history, archaeology and landscape of this particular area of Donegal. As he introduces hi Continue reading “Walking in Donegal with Seamus Doohan”

Stunning Gardens of Donegal

Stunning Gardens of Donegal

Interested in having the unique opportunity to visit these stunning gardens? Click here and check out our ‘Autumn Break in the Stunning Gardens of Donegal’

Donegal has some amazing wilderness, but it also has some of the most beautiful gardens you can imagine.

One such garden, Cluain na dTor, Irish for ‘Meadow of Shrubs’, can be found near the Song House, in the village of Falcarragh. As they put it themselves “Cluain na dTor specialises in plants that thrive in Seaside gardens and coastal regions and offer an outstanding selection of Continue reading “Stunning Gardens of Donegal”

Donegal – The Coolest place on the Planet

Donegal – The Coolest place on the Planet

As our year as coolest place on the planet comes to a close, we thought this was a perfect time to reflect on why exactly this is true.

Music – There is such a varied music scene here with something for everyone. There are regular traditional Irish sessions all over the county (See our list of 6 things to do in Donegal for more on this). There are also a wide selection of music and arts festivals such as the Errigal Arts Festival, Distorted Perspectives Continue reading “Donegal – The Coolest place on the Planet”

6 Things to do in Donegal

6 Things to do in Donegal

With such a vibrant Gaelic culture, there are so many things to do in Donegal that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. Similarly, with such atmospheric beauty, Donegal has a wealth of places you have to see if you get the chance to visit this enchanting corner of Europe. For those of you lucky enough to join us here, we have decided to make a list to help you narrow down some of the best attractions, outdoor activities, and sightseeing spots in Donegal for families, groups and solo travelers. (Not booked your stay yet? Why not check out our Singing Holidays or Contact Us to arrange a trip for your group) So here it is, 6 things to do in Donegal:

Continue reading “6 Things to do in Donegal”

Singing is Good For You – Research Shows

Singing is Good For You – Research Shows

Singing is good for you, especially singing together- research shows.

There are so many reasons why we should all be singing. Research proves how beneficial singing is for us. Science says Singing is good for us.

“The neuroscience of singing shows that when we sing our neurotransmitters connect in new and different ways. It fires up the right temporal lobe of our brain, releasing endorphins that make us smarter, healthier, happier and more creative. When we sing with other people this effect is amplified.”

Continue reading “Singing is Good For You – Research Shows”

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