Episode 6 – Brian Lacey

Bonus episode! In this special edition episode of the song house podcast, Sinead meets with Brian Lacey who is an archaeologist, historian, lecturer, author and educator. This episode is especially dedicated to the subject of Colmcille/Columba – the historical figure who’s 1500 birth year anniversary is marked and celebrated this year. Brian himself celebrates 50 years of Colmcille study and we thought it fitting to invite him to share some of his wealth of knowledge in relation to Colmcille with us. These is so much to talk about in relation to this rich, very significant historical figure and if you are a beginner like me – you will likely end up with more q’s after hearing this 1 hour fascinating snippet from Brian.  At the end of this episode you can hear a choral rendition of ‘I am tired’ with the recent singing holiday group that stayed at the Song House. This is an old song that was inspired by the last words of St. Colmcille. We will be back with another fantastic guest next week for our regularly scheduled episode.

 Colmcille poetry writing workshops – On The Trail Of Colmcille/Columba with Annemarie Ní Churreáin – The Song House (thesonghouseireland.com)

Brians most recent publication on St. Eunan – Four Courts Press | Adomnán, Adhamhnán, Eunan

Brians books on Colmcille specifically – Colum Cille and the Columbian Tradition by Brian Lacey (goodreads.com)

Lacey Brian [editor]. O’Donnell Manus. The Life Of Colum Cille, limited edition, signed. at Whyte’s Auctions | Whyte’s – Irish Art & Collectibles (whytes.ie)

Saint Columba: His Life and Legacy by Brian Lacey (goodreads.com)

Episode 5 – Alexandra Grace Derwen

In this podcast Sinead talks with Alexandra Grace Derwen – A birth and End of Life Doula. They are a writer, a poet, the founder and lead facilitator of sacred circle community interest company which holds courses in circle to help prepare people to accompany the dying, to lament the dead and hold meaningful ritual and ceremony throughout the dying death and grief process. They are also an author currently writing a series of Lost Rights books – the first of which has just been published – Lost Rights, Ceremony and Ritual for Death and Dying, with a second one due out soon called Lost Rights of Land Place and Space. This podcast is full of gold – full. Alexandra masterfully and beautifully articulates the connections between grief and the competencies of tending to grief with community, belonging, social justice and so much more.  Please gift yourself with these sacred 90 minutes with Alexandra and hear about this absolutely essential and deeply important work that our world so needs right now. More links below to look deeper and enjoy the podcast. 

Oaks and Angels are creating death and grief literate communities | Patreon
Ceremony & Ritual | Sacred Circle
Red Tent End of Life Doula Preparation
Lost Rites: Ceremony & Ritual for Death & Dying | wysewomen publishing
End of Life Doula Training – The Song House

Episode 4: Roisin Fallon

Episode 4: Roisin Fallon

Today you will hear from Family Constellations therapist/facilitator and trainer – Roisin Fallon. In this conversation Roisin goes deep into the wonder and power that is this therapeutic modality. Although it’s been around for a long time, with new breakthroughs in our scientific understanding of trans-generational trauma – it is gaining more traction and long due respect in the mainstream. Roisin talks about why and how it works – phenomenologically with true facilitation at its core. She demystifies the seeming magic of this work – talking about the ‘one-mind or uni–mind’ field, from which vital information & healing is drawn, in the one hand and in the other she explains how and offers practical down to earth examples of ways we can begin to do this for ourselves. Links to more info on Roisin and her work are below, do check it out – this work is fascinating and it works!

Family Constellations Facilitator Training – The Song House

Roisin Fallon – Family Constellations Facilitator and Trainer

Home – Family Constellations Camp Ireland

Intro music played by Andrew Roddy.  

Ep.3 Seamus Doohan

The Song House Podcast Episode 3 – Seamus Doohan

Todays podcast is with Seamus Doohan who, along with many other hats wears one as a Donegal Hill walking guide. This conversation was recorded last year at Glenveagh national park –Amongst much more packed into the 30 minutes here, Seamus talks about the importance of spending as much time as possible outside, slowing down, talking with and spending time with each other as well as a few snippets of his encyclopedic knowledge of local & ancient history. You’ll find out more about Seamus on his website walkingdonegal.net and Facebook page facebook.com/WalkingDonegal.net

And the Song House course he facilitates with Candy -Hiking, Heartsong and History on the Wild Atlantic Way – thesonghouseireland.com

Intro music played by Andrew Roddy. 

The Song House Podcast Episode 2 – Jenny O’Hare

Jenny O’Hare

In this podcast, Sinéad talks with Jenny O’Hare – a deep ecologist, writer and facilitator.

Jenny is a true steward of the earth and her work and overall way with life reflects this very strongly. In this podcast Jenny talks about poetry, permaculture, presence and how to cultivate a deep and right loving relationship with our world. Jenny also covers the importance of and lessons from indigenous culture and practices and how these can support the right relationship between our bountiful earth home, ourselves and each other.

Check out Jennys website www.atreecalledlife.net
More info on some of her work with partner communities  – www.primitivkollektiv.org

Info on the upcoming online Beltaine Ceremony she is leading at The Song House on April 30th – www.thesonghouseireland.com/event/bealtaine-at-the-song-house/

The Song House Podcast Episode 1 – Candy Verney

Show Notes

Candy Verney’s passion is to inspire and create, through singing, a sense of harmony which gives an experience beyond the ordinary.

The Song House Ireland is a creative retreat centre, situated in the heart of the stunning north west Donegal landscape and Gaeltacht region. The Song House (or Teach na nAmhrán in Irish) is a place driven by the values that foster reconnection to ourselves, rekindling a sense of belonging to our true inner & outer home and our place on Mother Earth.