Episode 11: Michaela Mc Daid

Michaela Mc Daid is best known in the North West as a mental health educator, devising and delivering wellness courses for countless groups over 25 years. Her interest has always been in empowering people to affect their own health and healing.

As a facilitator, Michaela openly draws on her own lived experience of mental health challenges and healing with nature to bring insight, empathy and wisdom to professional knowledge and skills.

Her flourishing ecotherapy practice is founded on education and experience. Education – why nature is good for us – satisfies the inquiring mind, while Experience – how nature is good for us – honours intuition with the opportunity to feel what is salve for the soul.

In this conversation Michaela delves deep into facilitation, empowerment, nature as therapist, her own story, education, science, being in nature and so so much more. Eco Therapy as a powerful healing modality is at the centre and you will hear Sinead being fascinated again and again throughout. So much gold, insight, practical understandings and perhaps after hearing this conversation – you’ll be inspired to join our The Original Medicine weekend in March/April 2022, designed and led by Michaela, featuring our own Candy who will facilitate some simple & wholesome group singing as part of a potent, educational, experiential and restorative long weekend.

Book a place on The Original Medicine Weekend:  https://thesonghouseireland.com/event/the-original-medicine/

Michaelas website: https://www.michaelamcdaidecotherapy.com/