Episode 15: Alexandra Derwen – Lost Rites and the Community of Grief

A new kind of faith for the 21st century in relation to the forces of the unseen, and that is just one drop of the deep waters that we touch upon in this conversation with a previous guest, Alexandra grace Derwen. This is a deeply, thoughtfully and characteristically clear conversation with Alexandra about many important things. Such as the importance of listening to dissenting voices in relation to the phenomenon of leadership, the plural truth in the space that can emerge, the importance of our value base in relation to the difference between institutions and change, the link between death and social justice, ancestral patterns of oppression and abuse, the particle and the wave in relation to paradigm shifts and of course woven into all of this is talk of death, dying and grief consciousness – and that is just in the first 40 minutes! There’s so much more, so please, as always, kick back, relax and enjoy listening with these 90 minutes of medicine…

Lost Rites and the Community of Grief – At The Song House

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