Episode 16: Joanie Bones

Joanie has studied women’s story and song traditions for many years and has supported hundreds of women through the life-transition of pregnancy and birth. She has trained as a birth educator, midwife, shamanic practitioner, circle facilitator, and is currently studying ancestral song and story lines with Leah Song from Rising Appalachia.
Joanie is coming to The Song House in September to share with us a taste of the work she does in her most recent ground breaking project called The Shame The Light which she talks more about here and you’ll find more info on that on her website linked below. We are gifted with some music from Joanie who bewitches us with her sound the way she arrangements and how she uses her voice, rhythm, story and depth is utterly unique experience for the listener. She encourages us to sing along and to sing full stop! Joanie tells us of her Persian roots, her most recent release of songs which are a mishmash of songs written and recorded 20 years ago and her current established practice of land born songs, she tells us in song and words the fascinating stories around Maggie Dickson – a well-known Edenborough historical figure who was sentenced to the gallows for then crime of concealing her pregnancy, she teaches us about the Jewish diaspora, her calling to the drum from middle eastern roots and so much more. I encourage you to check out her music and her website below for more info and also, check out the Singing Womens Lives event planned for the Song House this September and as always, kick back relax and enjoy..

Singing Women’s Lives retreat at The Song House
15th – 18th September 2022

Joanies Website

Joanies Music on Bandcamp