Episode 17: Belonging with Jenny O’Hare and Niall Graham

In this podcast, Sinead talks with two previous podcast guests – deep ecologist, writer and facilitator Jenny O’Hare and grief and mens worker, mentor and facilitator Niall Graham. This is another deep dive convo into the subject of Belonging. Niall and Jenny have teamed up and have designed and will facilitate a weekend enquiry into this very important theme of Belonging – see link below for more info on that. What does it mean to belong, to self, to other, to the land and living world and to our lives? As Jenny says – this is the realm of the soul and in this chat they both speak so deeply and insightfully about many of the themes associated with this oceanic and crucially important theme of Belonging. Enjoy.

Belonging – a Journey of Enquiry – The Song House
Niall Graham