Episode 18: Alexandra Derwen and Tanya Bryan

Today Sinead talks with previous guest Alexandra Derwen who is a death doula and trainer, they describe themselves as a griefkeeper and weaver of words, an explainer of things, a servant of ceremony (not a master) and a student of Death itself. Sinead also introduces you to new guest Tanya Bryan, who is a Humanistic Integrative Psychotherapist and who supports people to reconnect with their own true nature and to come to terms with their limitations. This includes preparing for the end of life (practical and emotional process), managing crises, and questioning all that is.
Alexandra and Tanya have put together and will facilitate this November at The Song House – a long weekend gathering called – Lost Rites – The Community of Grief – which holds as its premise “that Grief itself is a force for community cohesion and repair’’. Click on links below for more info –

Lost Rites and the Community of Grief – The Song House

A Time to Gather – Therapeutic Adjustment tools for Death, Loss and the Mystical