Episode 4: Roisin Fallon

Episode 4: Roisin Fallon

Today you will hear from Family Constellations therapist/facilitator and trainer – Roisin Fallon. In this conversation Roisin goes deep into the wonder and power that is this therapeutic modality. Although it’s been around for a long time, with new breakthroughs in our scientific understanding of trans-generational trauma – it is gaining more traction and long due respect in the mainstream. Roisin talks about why and how it works – phenomenologically with true facilitation at its core. She demystifies the seeming magic of this work – talking about the ‘one-mind or uni–mind’ field, from which vital information & healing is drawn, in the one hand and in the other she explains how and offers practical down to earth examples of ways we can begin to do this for ourselves. Links to more info on Roisin and her work are below, do check it out – this work is fascinating and it works!

Family Constellations Facilitator Training – The Song House

Roisin Fallon – Family Constellations Facilitator and Trainer

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Intro music played by Andrew Roddy.