Episode 8 – Robin Botley

Gift yourself with this hour of magic and wisdom in conversation with Robin Botley. Robin is the good man behind the good woman herself – Candy. Married to Candy and living in the Song House too, Robin goes into many subjects from quaker roots to knowing presence, stillness and the skill of listening to the beauty and challenge involved in ‘rolling with grief’ as well as cultivating an imagined versus a conditioned life. Robins focus is on his work with men, the importance of vulnerability and the creation of well structured and strongly held places where men can support one another in very real ways. They do this through rites of passage weekends – which is just one example of the offerings by ABandofBrothers ABandOfBrothers | Helping young men grow with purpose– – the organisation co-founded by Robin in the UK over 10 years ago which is now being seeded here in Ireland following his move to Donegal. As well as all of the above Robin covers so so much more. As always – kick back relax and enjoy.