If You Want to Sing…

If You Want to Sing…

Every year we ask for a little bit of optional feedback from the participants of our Singing Holidays here in the North-West of Ireland and this year we had a very special one handed back. One of our singers wrote a little poem! Perhaps she was inspired by the poetic energy around the house from it’s history as a centre of excellence for the study and writing of poetry (under the name the Poets House) before it’s current incarnation as the Song House in 2017.

In any case, here it is:

If you want to sing

But you think singin’s not your thing

Come here!

If your eyes are starved of beauty

In the course of daily grind and duty

Come here!

If you have forgotten how to play

Like the little ones play

Come here!



And just to add to this, another one of our guests wrote these fantastic lyrics! We must have a very inspiring place here. :)

The Song House The Song House
Of Old Donegal
Your melodies hold me so I will not fall
Your music will haunt me so I will Recall
The Song House The Song House
Of Old Donegal

The Song House is beauty The Song House is pure
The Song House is people who flock to her door
She holds us together and gives us much more
As we lift our voices & listen in awe

The Song House Oh Song House
I know I can’t stay
I weep the lyrics you taught me today
I know you’ll be with me when I’m far away
Your magic won’t leave Me
And That’s what I say


Absolutely beautiful and really captures what the Song House does. Stay tuned for an announcement of our dates for next year. We have an exciting programme of events rich in culture, natural beauty and beautiful singing. The best thing to do is keep checking back here, sign up to our newsletter, or give us a like/follow on Facebook.

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