Grief-Work & Belonging Retreats in Donegal, Ireland

Grief Work and Belonging Retreats at The Song House, Co. Donegal

Deepen your sense of connection to community, land, place and space in the peaceful environs of The Song House on Ireland’s rugged North West coast. Check out these unique retreats centered around Grief-Work and Belonging.

Spiritual Retreat in Donegal. Belonging.

Belonging – A Journey of Enquiry

With Jenny O’Hare and Niall Graham

14th – 16th October 2022

As humans, we have a deep desire to belong; be that to place, to a people, or simply to ourselves. Much of what has traditionally offered us this belonging is now shifting rapidly. In such a landscape, how is it that we can root ourselves in lives of meaning?

You are invited to a deeply experiential weekend in which we will explore the thread of Belonging through relationship to self, place, community and culture.

Grief Work retreat in Donegal

Lost Rites and the Community of Grief

Remembering the Way

November 3 – November 6 2022

With Death Doula Alexandra Derwen and apprentice Death Doula Tanya Bryan

The premise of the “community of grief” is that Grief itself is a force for community cohesion and repair; whatever our personal stories of loss it is in the shared circle space that the potential for alchemy and amplification of the healing process takes place. If you feel moved and called to this work then you belong there; we do ask that people come with open hearts ready to participate with curiosity and courage; but most importantly just bring your broken human selves and the circle itself will hold you.

We really do hope to see you come on this journey of self and soul development with us, we believe this type of deep work should be available to all who feel called to do it. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us at