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Imbolc and Exploring the Influence of Landscape – a special Raking gathering

With lead contribution by deep ecologist Jenny O’Hare

To mark the beginning of 2022, we try a little something different. During this raking gathering, we invite you to join us as we weave worlds, marking the transition of the seasons with Imbolc, share Christian, pre-Christian and Pagan inspired poetry with you and hear what you’d like to share with us, for Imbolc & Exploring the Influence of landscape.

Firstly, we welcome back deep ecologist Jenny O’ Hare, who will help us to understand the beauty and mythos of marking this time of year and how we can align ourselves with the potent and significant seasonal transition of Imbolc.

Also, we are delighted to share Part 1 of a Poetry Video Series with you called – Exploring the Influence of Landscape. The poems in these short videos were composed by attendees of our Colmcille poetry writing workshops held in the autumn. These three workshops were facilitated by Irish poet Annemarie Ni Churreain and Scottish poet Charlie Gracie and were supported by the Colmcille 1500 grant scheme marking his 1500 birth year anniversary. Part two and three will be presented at our February March and/or April raking gatherings – more info on this to follow.

St Colmcille, also known as Columba is a very rich and significant historical figure who during the workshops Annemarie described as ‘being at the intersection between pagan and Christian Ireland’. Anecdotally, Colmcille has been described by others as ‘the last Druid or Celt’ and this perhaps flooded his known and documented poetic appreciation and love for the beauty of landscape, the natural world and in particular, his beloved Ireland.

Join us this January 30th, 7pm to 9pm as we weave together these worlds through story, song, poetry and whatever other shenanigans will wish to be shared.

Jenny O’Hare

Jenny O'Hare - EcologistJenny O’Hare is a Deep ecologist, a writer and facilitator. With a background in Natural Sciences, and a lifelong love affair with the living world, Jenny believes in both Humanity and Earth, and in a beautiful reciprocal relationship between the two. She is passionate about reigniting that relationship. With a known and felt essence of both deep and spiritual ecology since childhood, Jenny uses her trainings in Nature Resonance, Eco-therapy, and a fellowship in Spiritual Ecology (and beyond) to continue to explore and offer ways of allowing the very many forms of life to remind us all of our belonging.
Currently based in Berlin, Germany, she offers workshops in Urban Nature Connection, the Work that Reconnects, and Sacred and Deep Ecology.