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Looking for a retreat centre in Co. Donegal, Ireland? Hire the Song House

The Song House Teach na nAmhrán: is a creative space that is available for hire throughout the year. Originally named The Poets’ House, it was a centre of literary activity for over 20 years with regular visitors including Seamus Heaney. Under its present musical ownership the house continues to be full of character, and to inspire creativity and learning. The unique history and beautiful surroundings make this the perfect retreat centre.

We offer 2 packages:

1. Book the Song House on a self catering basis and do your own thing.

2. We offer a service to help and support you, to make your trip a truly memorable one that you will never forget. See below for a taste of the masses of things to do and see here.

Why come to the Song House?

• Profound peace and relaxation

• Gorgeous Singing room / Workshop room overlooking Muckish mountain

• Simple but beautiful bedrooms, all overlooking Muckish mountain. Original art and photographs on the walls

• The Song House lies in the Gaeltacht, the Irish speaking part of Donegal. Hear the Irish language being spoken, and experience a truly warm Irish welcome

• Fantastic traditional Irish music in local pubs, with a friendly atmosphere

• Listen to the authentic sean-nos singing, an old Irish traditional way of singing

• Visit the ruins of Ray Church beside the Ray river, sacked by Cromwell 400 years ago but still standing, with a 24ft cross made out of a single stone- largest in Ireland

• Walk on the old Burtonport to Derry Railway path, just 10 mins from Song House. Bogland, mountain, heather and rowan. Parts of the line have recently been renovated as a hiking route

• Drumnatinney beach stretches for three miles along the wild Atlantic coastline. Swim, surf or just soak up the sun

• Visit Tullahobegley graveyard, just down the road. This is a prehistoric site, most likely the focus for rituals as far back as 3000 BC Associated with the Celtic God Lugh, and also a very early Christian site

• Spend a day at Glenveagh National Park, visit the Castle and the exceptional Italian Garden on the estate that is now the home of a thousand red deer

• Climb spectacular Muckish mountain, reward yourself with a view over the whole of Northwest Donegal

Bring your group to The Song House

The large workshop room (approx. 30 sq metres) is an ideal centre for residential workshops and is used for a range of activities including singing, dance, yoga and meditation, and as a base for surfing and hiking in the local area. Bands have come to work on their latest album. As with all the bedrooms there is an inspirational view Muckish Mountain.

The house has recently been renovated with environmental principles in mind. It is comfortably appointed with an air-sourced heating system and triple-glazed windows making it warm and cosy even in the Donegal winters. It is simple but tastefully decorated, with original art and photographs in all rooms.

Retreat Centre Ireland

Set in the heart of the traditional Gaeltacht area of Donegal and with spectacular views over to Muckish mountain, The Song House ~ Teach na nAmhrán lies on the Wild Atlantic Way. The drama and beauty of the local landscape takes your breath away. Spectacular three mile sandy dune beaches, wide expanses of blue or stormy skies, the iconic Muckish mountain (which translates to the hog’s back), Tory island surrounded by a skirt of turquoise sea glinting in the evening light. Historical sites, Glenveagh National Park, archaeology, the area has it all.

The Song House is less than five minutes drive from Falcarragh and 2 miles from the sea.

If this sounds like your cup of tea but you are not looking to hire a retreat centre then our Singing Holidays and Cultural Breaks will be up your street.


As a leader of retreats and gatherings I am thrilled to have found the Song House and for the Song House to have found me. If you are looking for a facility that has both indoor and outdoor work spaces in a tranquil picturesque setting then, the Song House fits the bill! The hosts Candy and Robin offer the best in Celtic hospitality. So many delightful spaces to wander and gather in are within close proximity. Fabulous beaches, faerie groves, waterfalls, ring forts, holy wells and historical finds, stunning views of forests, hills, mountains and the Wild Atlantic Way will call to your heart, they certainly call to mine. I had the pleasure of staying here in March and I have booked again to bring a group in September 2020. They also offer retreat opportunities for those seeking meaningful encounters in life. I recommend looking up all that they have to offer and to venturing this way and experiencing the delights for your self.– Andrew Steed

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