Singing Holidays

Singing Holiday Group Enjoying Their Stay At at The Song House

Singing Holidays

The experience of Singing on the Wild Side is far more than just a singing holiday. We sing every morning in the gorgeous large sunny singing room, with its beautiful acoustic, that looks out onto Muckish mountain. By the end of the week you will find yourself rested, rejuvenated and restored to your centred & grounded self, with a repertoire of up to 12 harmony songs – and that’s just the beginning…

Our repertoire will be wide and varied. We normally have one or two songs that challenge us, including an original song specially arranged by Candy, then a mixture of Irish songs, world music, rounds, and improvisation.

We also do our best to introduce singers to the rich local Gaelic culture. You may find yourself moved to tears singing in the ruins of Ray church, or listening to a local singer singing in the ancient sean-nós style. You will have the afternoons to explore the beaches, mountains, rivers and historic sites that abound in the area. We also offer guided walks, kayaking, poetry and music evenings.

Perhaps we will even have deepened our appreciation of the land, our place in it, our communities and ourselves.

A wide range of singers come on our holidays: from beginners to experienced and confident singers. Over the week our little community grows and develops, as we cook and eat together each evening, share experiences and sing together.


Unique Singing Experience

Each singing holiday is a very special stand alone experience, the music that we make on the singing holiday is of a high quality. We always have at least one song that is either especially composed or arranged for that particular holiday. We work on it and if the song writer is local, which we aim for – we invite them over. It’s a very special occasion as we are working on a completely new piece of music and performing it for the first time, it’s a fantastic musical experience.

Contact us if you have any questions.

Candy Verney

Singing on the Wild Side is the vision of Candy Verney. Candy is a choir director who for the last 25 years has been building communities through song, facilitating thousands to find their voice. When the opportunity of a lifetime came her way, Candy acquired the Song House. She has since converted it into a comfortable, sustainable and beautiful retreat centre with productive organic gardens. She runs singing holidays and choir leadership trainings there, and it is available for other groups to use too.