The Awakened Feminine Retreat

Authentically Wild With Lisa Angelini and Sarah Houldsworth

9th – 16th of July 2020

Cost $2900 USD                                     includes accommodation ,meals, excursions and follow up coaching session

In the safety and support of our intimate group, you will be guided through unique experiences and sacred ceremonies designed to assist in the unfolding and emergence of your true authenticity, recovering the deepest treasures you hold within, and making them available to every aspect of your being for growth, support and true self love.

Deconstruct old beliefs, attitudes and insecurities, that no longer serve you/block you from receiving what you want.

Create/construct a new version of self that fits with your authentic divine essence.

Let go of comparison and embrace self-acceptance and love.
Improve your intuition and learn to trust yourself implicitly

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About Your Hosts

Awakened Feminine Retreat in Donegal Ireland

Lisa Angelini, MAPC, LPC, ACCHT

Lisa Angelini has a passion for empowering women to release the inauthentic patterns that keep them from realizing their true self-worth, gifts, talents, joy, and life-purpose.

Through her own spiritual journey, she learned the value of utilizing her inherent feminine energy, both gentle and strong, to break through behavioral barriers and connect with the divine essence within. She feels an undeniable calling to assist other women in clearly recognizing and accessing their own energy and wisdom for a deep healing experience that can be used again and again.

With a unique combination of directness and sensitivity, compassion and humor, Lisa weaves her formal training as a Psychotherapist with her knowledge of Shamanic universal wisdom, creating a profound experiential process to unlock the power of the subconscious mind for healing and change. Lisa has the ability to help you re-connect to your divine self, releasing blocks that no longer serve you and replacing them with effective strategies to tap into your spirit and move forward confidently along life’s path.
In addition to offering national and international retreats, Lisa is a trained facilitator of Wild Women Project Moon Circles and offers these experiences to cultivate sisterhood and community both locally and globally.

Lisa brings 15 years experience as a life coach, holistic psychotherapist, energy practitioner and spiritual teacher. She has worked at some of the leading mental health facilities in the world and has served celebrity clientele as well as the homeless. She has been trained by leaders in the field of psychology, coaching and spirituality.
Lisa offers on-site intensives, individual or group counseling and coaching sessions at her Scottsdale, Arizona office, and web-based or phone consultation.

Sarah Houldsworth, PHD

Awakened Feminine Retreat in Donegal Ireland

Sarah is a professional geologist with a deep love and understanding of the natural world. She is never happier than when outside in the natural world whether it’s on family nature walks, personal forest mediation walks, foraging for wild foods, visiting rock outcrops to learn their stories or collecting materials for wild crafting projects.

Her outward journey of exploration in the world has been mirrored by a personal journey of self-acceptance and understanding which started over twenty years ago. A particularly significant stepping stone in this journey was taking the transformative Hoffman Process, from which she continues to use tools and techniques for self-alignment and integration and which awakened an interest in guided visualisations and meditation.

Sarah is also an amateur story-teller (she trained at the Scottish Story Telling Centre) and regularly takes studies online in Celtic mythology, Wise Woman archetypes and Eco-feminism. Sarah is a trained circle leader with the international Wild Woman Project of women’s moon circles and been hosting her own in-person monthly meditation women’s circle since May 2017 (Facebook: Wild Woman Creates). Sarah believes that regular time in the held intentional spaces of circles is the perfect antidote to the busy doing, intellectual, masculine dominated world and continues to support connection to her deepest authentic and rooted self. Geologist, storyteller, nature lover, open minded but rooted in rock.

Sarah brings her own special blend of story-telling, knowledge of mythical archetypes, folklore, the natural world, nature connection and geological magic to circles and retreats and these are the skills she will be bringing to the Awakened Feminine Retreat.

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